Creative Arts in Health & Healing

Guiding Principles

The following CREARTH Creative Arts in Health & Healing Guiding Principles apply to individual and group in-person, video, phone, and  email / messaging sessions, as well as to our workshops.


CREARTH Creative Arts in Health & Healing Guiding Principles:


Boundaries are always respected--your boundaries as well as the facilitator's;



Learning is a mutual experience: we learn from each other;



The time we share together is grounded in compassion, love, and honesty;



Judgments are not made;



Together, we create a safe space to create artwork and share;



Opportunities will be provided to share your journey through music and soundscapes, expressive writing, journaling, body-mind-spirit, visual arts, language arts, movement, culinary arts, eco-arts---with consideration to your preferred creative arts area(s);



Sometimes. as part of the CREARTH Creative Arts in Health & Healing experience, you may feel encouraged, even gently challenged, to take a risk or to try new things---but you will never be pushed. You and your truth will always be respected. We believe in your strength and we support your self-empowerment;



Participating in CREARTH Creative Arts in Health & Healing sessions and/or workshops can sometimes involve stepping outside of one's comfort zone. Together, we will do everything we can to make the creative arts experience emotionally and physically safe for you, up to and including referrals to licensed support professionals should your facilitator feel this is needed;



Your facilitator will not abandon you or the group, and will continue to support you throughout the time you share together in sessions and/or workshops;



The CREARTH Creative Arts in Health & Healing individual and group sessions, and our workshops, are creative arts experientials. They are non-clinical and are not therapy.




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