What We Do

Psychotherapy  |  Creative Arts Therapy

We offer highly personalized services based on the needs of each individual. Our approach is holistic and integrative, responding to each person's unique needs and goals. No two clients are alike, no two lives are the same. Learn more

Clinical Supervision

Professional and student clinical supervision. Learn more

Clinical Consulting

Explore our clinical consulting supports and services for individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities. Learn more

Creative Arts in Health & Healing

Non-clinical creative arts explorations of self and soul through writing, journaling, literature, music, visual arts, body-mind-spirit, and more. Discover the transformative and healing power of creative self-expression! Learn more


Coaching supports individuals in maximizing their potential and moving their lives in a positive direction. Working with a coach can help you get a clearer vision of what you want for your future and what possible stumbling blocks might be getting in your way. Make the changes you'd like to see happen! Learn more about coaching

Arts in Education

Teachers, parents, schools --- we're here to help you meet your educational goals from lesson planning and curriculum design to community and organization training workshops and seminars. Learn more

Online Classes

Study is at your pace and all classes are 100% online. Learn more


Visit our Ambient Soundscapes & Library where you can listen to and download guided meditations, sounds of nature, white noise options, mindfulness teachings, world music, & more!

Ripple & Still

The CREARTH newsletter, Ripple & Still, is a platform for exchange in the fields of health, healing, and the creative arts. Share your voice! Learn more

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