Arts in Education Consulting

Partnering for the Arts!

The arts are powerful and essential tools that enhance and enrich academic--and life--experiences. Let us help you to bridge your curriculum gaps, bump-up lessons, and create more meaningful life and learning experiences through the arts. We work with you to meet your specific educational needs and goals.

Consulting Services

We offer an array of services tailored to meet your needs and goals.

Teachers & Schools


  • Regular Education

  • Special Education

  • Disability Supports

  • Lesson plans

  • Unit plans

  • Strategies to support an individual student

  • Small group & whole class strategies

  • Curriculum development

  • Program design

  • Special projects

Community & Organizational

  • Trainings

  • Seminars

  • Group workshops 

  • Program development

  • Special projects


  • Augmenting learning through the arts

  • Adapting lessons to meet specialized needs

  • Understanding IEPs, 504s, and learning environments

  • TESOL & the arts

  • Exploring options

Lesson Plan Supports 

TESOL | Regular Education | Special Education

  • 1 lesson plan, 1 subject area, 1 grade level

  • Multiple lesson plans

  • Cross-curricular lesson plans

  • Unit plans

  • Special education adaptations

  • Handouts, worksheets

  • Performance-based assessments

  • Special projects


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